Ismaera Takeo Ishi





Ismaera is based in France since 2012. His project Love & Intestine, it creates an improvisation performance with local people in every country and city around the world. Also the dancer of the Carolyn Carlson’s and the David Zambrano’’s dance projects. And the 4 times finalist of Juste Debout Experimental. Believing it is possible to live without eating, drinking and sleeping.

Love & Intestine : We were all born from the intestine. The intestine is the Earth. The intestine is the universe. There is a lot of gods in our intestines with a countless of bacterium. In fact our intestine don’t need any food and drink. It needs only the love. If we have the love in our intestine, it is possible to live forever. The brethren, put the plenty of love in our intestines !


Interprète : Bouncing Universe in a Bulk – The Sky