Eric Arnal-Burtschy

« A writing that fuses visual and living arts. »

                    Marie-Juliette Verga –  Parisart


« I found that evening the magic of the great evenings when the show becomes what is most beautiful in the world in its fragility, its wavering, its surprises, its enchantment. »

                    Michel Nuridsany, Revue Rendez-vous


       Read the analysis in the Revue Rendez-vous  (in French)




About Ciguë :

« Eric Arnal-Burtschy at the height of elegance. »

                    Amélie Blaustein-Niddam



About Bouncing Universe in a Bulk

« A spectacular creation based on the senses. »

                    Marie-Pierre Genecand, 2013, Le Temps, Switzerland

« The universe of this self-taught choreographer comes to possess us. »

                    Nathalie Yokel, 2013, La Terrasse

« Eric Arnal-Burtschy dances the infinite. That is genius. »

                    Amélie Blaustein-Niddam, 2013,

«  Those who have had the chance to see this spectacle as atypical as crazy will always remember it. »   

                    J.M. Gourreau – 2013, Critiphotodanse.

« A magnificent dance show, a visual experience.« 

                    Hélène Genève, Ron Orp, 2013



About Deep are the Woods

« The show of the digital season“

                    Le Soir – Catherine Makereel

« One of the must-see this season“

                    RTBF – Cultural chronics

« Deep are the Woods, between quest of transcendance and questionning about infinity »

                    Estelle Spoto, Le Vif – L’Express

« Deep are Woods explores the light in a fascinating, spectacular, immersive and experimental way »

                    Sylvia Botella – L’écho

A very rare experience of the light, which would behave here like a dancing body in the space.”

                    Gérard Mayen, Mouvement